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The TrustTheVote™ Project (TTV) is the flagship project of the Open Source Election Technology Foundation (OSET) for its mission to research and educate on elections systems, processes, and technology innovations.  The TrustTheVote Project is focused on performing the “heavy lifting” of research and development of a new open source, open data, open standards, comprehensive open source Election Technology Framework.  The project has an ambitious and aggressive road map, schedule, and projected deliverables that can be “seen, touched, and tried.”

Our mantra is:

Code Causes Change

Our strategy is delivery.

However, we are realistic about the size of the undertaking, and the challenges of adoption for the resulting technology trust.  The project has a mandate to make demonstrative progress by the 2016 national elections, delivering applicable, actionable, and useful results for some of the “choke points” that currently exist in the efficient running of elections with current proprietary solutions.  The areas the Foundation’s TrustTheVote Project have impacted to date include: voter registration, voter information services, ballot design, the foundations of ballot tabulation, election results reporting and analysis, and elements of auditing.

The TTV Project is a digital public works project, creating freely available, non-proprietary technology that is maintained in a public trust. Open source technology and practices are a key aspect of a public works project, and a critical ingredient in the TTV Project recipe for enabling public trust in election technology, via technologically enabled transparency.

Outside of the Foundation’s mission to “increase confidence in elections and their outcomes in order tp help preserve democracy,” one of the Project’s aspirations is to reinvigorate the industry for elections systems and applications by providing a foundation of software technology on which ISV’s and current incumbent vendors alike can deliver and deploy a new kind of elections and voting system solution.  Our OPL (OSET Public License) makes this possible.

The TTV Project’s approach to transparency is to be an enabler for “open government” in U.S. elections, a first-ever demonstration that election technology can capture all the details of all the digital processes of election, and publish these details so that the public can see exactly what public servants are doing in pursuit of the public’s business of operating elections.

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